Tonto Dikeh seems to have move on with her life without churchill


Tonto Dikeh, one of Nigerians foremost actresses, who was not long ago enmeshed in her marriage break up “palava”, and had called out her former husband severally to shame him, seems to have moved on beautifully with her life this time. She now engages single mothers and less privilege through some of her social media handles.

After what looked as if the break-up with her erstwhile husband, Mr Churchill was going to totally consume her as she rants, rave and spew up different secrets and dirt that may have been kept up, away from the public during their courtship and marriage years back with reckless abandoning; and Churchill the man at the centre of it all also taking time to respond in like manner, Tonto Dikeh may have finally given up on the issue and allow sleeping Dog lie.

Although, Tonto again recently called Churchill out and referred to him and his friends, plus other men as bisexual this days, she came out on her social media page to advice other women to beware of bi-sexual guys who are all over the place. She said in her own case, she had to walk out of such a union when she could no longer take it.

Recall that like Tiwa Savage, Tonto Dikeh too had to speak to the press about everything that transpired between him and Churchill, thereby unearthing a lot of hidden, dirty worms to the public. One of the names or quotes gotten from Tonto Dikeh’s outburst then was calling any man that does not have sexual stamina in bed then a “one-minute man” as she then referred to Churchill.

The beautiful actress is now seen giving back to the less privilege and single Mum, through an NGO she opened for her son, in his name. Tonto Dikeh recently announced a financial partner of an initiative by Wale Ajala to single Mum through King Andre Dikeh Foundation {her son’s foundation]. According to her, this is in appreciation of single mothers all over.

Through her Instagram page, “@tontolet”, she also announced that she wants to empower ten single mothers, give them a privilege to own their own business “Sapphire set business” in the spirit of the continuous celebration of mother’s day. She opines that if women have their own business, they will have their own money and thereby having their own freedom and sanity.

In her former post, however, she has been seen always fondling and playing with “King” her son, she was even seen begging for a kiss from her son King in one of her recent Instagram posts, while she begged, King was seen covering his nose with a handkerchief and telling his Mum he doesn’t want to be sick be kissing her due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak.

She has also been seen back on different locations and getting so booked up for events and compare jobs to the extent that she had to turn many events down.

Tonto Dikeh seemed to have moved on again with her life as a single Mum, she seems to be diverting all her strength and love to King her son and to helping single mothers and the less privilege get up to the challenge that stares them boldly in the face.

On the other hand, Churchill her estranged husband seems to be keeping a low profile, he has not been seen nor heard of for a while, except whenever Tonto Called her out and he needed to respond. Churchill who recently slammed a five hundred million lawsuit on his estranged wife over her 2019 interview, responded to the bisexual claim by Tonto Dikeh, saying that after four years of her bring him down syndrome, she is now sounding like a broken record