To Have a Successful Interview, Avoid The Following 8 Things


Interview sessions are supposed to be occasions for prospective employees to showcase their skills and why they deserve to be employed, however, for most job seekers this opportunity is usually flunked because many candidates inadvertently shoot themselves in the leg by doing what they are not supposed to do or otherwise.

So, what are some things you must avoid at an interview? We will look at 8 of such things to avoid in order for you to ace your next interview session.

1. Dressing wrongly

Experts say that 65% decisions are made about you based on how you dress and appear. Interviews are formal occasions and you must dress formally and look like someone who means business. Though ‘formality’ does not necessarily mean wearing shirt, tie and suit; but it does mean looking smart and fit for the job or position you are applying for. So the next time you attend an interview, make sure you look like you mean business.

2. Not well groomed

True, your dressing is part of grooming, but it is much more than dressing. It encompasses your total outward look. As a male, your hair needs to be well cut and trimmed. As a lady, you shouldn’t wear a multi-colour hair for interviews. Also watch out on your colour combinations, there mustn’t be any riot. As much as possible, keep your colour combinations within 2 colours, but not more than 3 at the maximum. A simple Google search for ideas on colour combinations can help.

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