Timi Dakolo shares his thoughts about the depreciation of the Naira


Nigerian musician, Timi Dakolo has shared his thoughts about the depreciation of the naira.

According to the talented musician, he has always pitied the Naira adding that every time the Naira is weak, the Naira is weakened, and the Naira grew weak against the dollar.

He made this post on his verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Twitter. The post reads;

“I am always pitying the Naira. Every time the Naira is weak, the Naira is weakened,the Naira grew weak against the Dollar.”

@hotterjoy – And the silly hope Nigeria has always with the quote “dollar will fall” let’s try “naira gas rise

@AyeniDgreat – It is Also as a result of the funds divested into crytpocurrency in Dollars. The demand for Dollar is too much in Nigeria.

@JoshuaVerem – Bad financial policies and corrupt practices can weaken a Nations currency significantly.

@Ochile10 – My brother the matter tire person

This comes after he indicated that he is tired of everything that is going on in Nigeria. The post he made reads;

“I am Even tired of reporting Nigeria to God. #KeepitOn”

Here some reactions the post got;

@YomYom_ – When next are you performing “One Nation” on stage ? I want to check something

@NnamdCaleb – I told a friend this morning, that Nigeria case now in the side of God is “make una do whatever una like” (God has abounded Nigeria). He said I shouldn’t say so

@Kaosygal – Don’t get tired please…just a little while longer.He is not a wicked Father. Always remember the story of a widow and a judge.
I have faith and with work,God will intervene soon. The blood of innocents spilled is too many for God to keep silent.