Time of sex, Position doesn’t determine the sex of a child – Nigerian Doctor says


A popular online Award winning doctor known as Aproko Doctor has stated that time of sex, Position being a determinant for the sex of a Child is a fallacy that’s has no scientific base

Reacting in a series of tweet the doctor said “ Some people believe that the time of sex and the position will determine if you’ll have a boy or girl

If you like, climb window to strafe or hang one leg in the air, boy or girl is a 50/50 thing

If anyone tells you they know how, run it’s a scam!

It’s not 2 odds or betnaija”

“ Let me explain:

Your sperms could either have the X or Y “sex gene”
A woman’s eggs have only X “sex gene”

To make a boy, you need XY
To make a girl, you need XX”

“ During ejaculation, between 40-150 million sperms are released into the vagina

Some carrying the X, others carrying the Y, swimming to the egg in the fallopian tubes of the woman.

Out of the millions that were released, only a few hundred comes close to the egg”

“ Now the egg makes it way from the ovaries: the egg bank and makes it’s way to the tubes, you know you gotta meet halfway if you want to get fertilized 😉

Remember the egg only has only the X waiting for whatever you give it.

Now the sperms are racing to meet it!”

“ The egg lives for only 24 hours, while the sperms can live for about 5 days

And no! The sperms are not competing against each other to be the first to fertilize the egg

In fact, most of the work is done by the uterus. It helps the sperm to the fallopian tubes, towards the egg.”

“ If an egg is fertilized by a sperm bearing X mark on its forehead, it fuses with the X of the egg leading to a girl!

If it’s the Y sperm that fertilized, you have a boy

At times, there may be errors that may cause an extra sex chromosome to be added either an X or a Y”

“ But all in all, the man’s sperm holds the key to the baby’s gender

It’s still a game of probability, a 50/50 probability, some people will promise you drugs/foods that increase the chances of a male child being born, but it’s all fantasy

Hasn’t been proven yet!
Goodluck guys”

“ So it’s funny when I see men blame their wives for not giving them male children

It’s ignorance.

Funny enough, some marry again and get a male child, others don’t get despite marrying again.

No proof yet to the method that says day of ovulation gives you a boy”