Timaya’s New Video, Sili-Kon Stirs Controversy For Objectifying Women Who Had Silicone Surgery


Timaya is one of the most successful artist in Nigeria, however his subject matter of singing about women body part has draw controversy from critics who deem his approach and method as degrading and generally objectifying women.

Timaya must love the controversies and attentions because he has not stopped with his concept of singing all he can about these women. His new song “Sili-kon is a slang for silicone surgery and the content focuses on how women are mostly “plastic” now, owing to the numerous cosmetic surgeries that they have done to enhance their appearance which makes men like Timaya confused.

Timaya’s songs are usually bubbly and melodic, however the content is what is to be desired. You can watch the youtube clip of the song below and let us know your own thoughts:

Watch the video below: