Throwback: “Fight for your marriage” – Rachel Oniga’s advice to young ladies in 2017 after she divorced her ex-husband


It was disheartening to hear that one of the most loved veteran Nollywood actresses has died.

Actress Rachel Oniga died in the early hours of today. She was known for her motherly roles in movies. She had starred in many movies, including “My Village People”.

Just like every other person, Rachel Oniga had some challenges when she was alive. One of the challenges she passed through was her marriage.

Rachel got married at a young age, but as fate may have it, the marriage did not last as she had wished.

Although, her marriage with her ex-husband was blessed with three children who she loved so much.

After they had their third child, her husband, a Muslim who is now late got married to another woman, this led to their divorce.

After her marriage crashed, Rachel Oniga remained single for more than two decades before she was engaged in an interview where she disclosed why she has refused to remarry after her divorce.

During the interview hosted in 2017 as published by PUNCH NG on 5th November 2017, the veteran actress revealed that she decided not to get married again to prove to her ex-husband that she can stand without him or any man. She decided to dedicate her life to her work and her children.

When she was asked if she does not miss the companionship of a man as a single mother, Rachel said that after she got separated from her ex-husband, she does not feel the need to have a man in her life because she closed her heart.

She also said that she was working for her money and taking care of her bills, therefore, she does not need a man in her life if she can do all these alone. At that time, she felt that what all men want from women is just to see their beauty and walk away. She added that after what her ex did to her, she lost the trust she has in men.

Rachel said that she missed the union she shared with her husband. She blamed herself for being naive and unable to fight for what was hers.

While advising young ladies about marriage from her experience, she told them to keep and fight for their marriages.

When she was asked why she didn’t fight for her marriage, she said that it was her fault. According to her, she should have fought for her marriage. She said that any young lady must try her best to fight for her marriage. She added that even though her decision then may not be the best, but she still thank God.

She also said that her ex-husband made so many failed attempts to settle with her. She disclosed that before he died, he called several times. He also visited her house to see his children. Each time he arrived, she would take her bag and head for movie sets. But she didn’t stop him from seeing his children.