Three common red flags you shouldn’t ignore in a relationship


Some relationships failed because people ignored the common red flags that would have saved them all of the divorce trauma.

Below are some of these common red flag

1. Constant arguments

No relationship with work in a terrain of war and constant arguments. It is very important that people dating are in love with themselves and constantly doing their best to settle their differences. But in a situation when the relationship is filled with arguments, then it is a sign that the couple are not compatible.

2. When family disapproves

When the respective family members are not in support of the relationship, it is a big red flag that should not be overlooked. Family members are third parties in a relationship and there are things they see that the people involved cannot see because they are blinded by love. So if both families decide that they are not pleased with the relationship, you should begin to question yourself if you want to remain in it or not.

3. Trust issues

How do you marry someone you do not even trust in the first place.

That will be a mighty risk and you don’t want to put yourself in that position. Before you say I do, ensure you clear your doubt thoroughly.