This why Dremo and Mayorkun might leave DMW this year


In 2016 Davido announced two new talented artistes to the Nigerian music scene. One was a budding rapper, Dremo gathering clout in Ibadan and slowly Lagos while the other an afro pop musician Mayorkun he met on twitter.

No doubt, the signing of Dremo and Mayorkun as the flagship artistes of the label have been good deals for both parties and so far I do not think any of them will have regrets in the larger scale of things. However all good things they say must come to an end.

These are some of the reasons why I think this year might be the last of either one or both of the two of them as DMW artistes:

Two projects each: The two of them have released two projects during their stay in the label. Dremo released Codename Dremo in 2018 and released the follow up to the E.P today April 17th. Mayorkun released The Mayor of Lagos Album and his Geng E.P in the past two years. He is also expected to drop an album soon.

The Nigerian artist syndrome: Nigerian artist who are successful barely stay in a label more than the duration of their contract and extend. Asides Dr Sid there are both the longest serving celebrities at a record label and I think with the Nigerian artist syndrome of moving from and starting on their own I think they will leave.

Contracts will expire: Mayorkun and Dremo signed initial 2 years contracts in 2016 and extended in 2018 and by the end of this year the contracts of the both of them should have expired.

It is really going to be a thing of joy for Davido who has always been about giving his artistes a platform to stand on their own. This will give an avenue for other artistes to join the label.