“This unnecessary show offs will just put you in trouble again” – Fans react after Davido spent #16 million on dinner at his cousin’s birthday party

Davido has been met with backlash and mixed reactions after he recently uploaded a bill he footed at his cousin’s (Tunji Adeleke) birthday party.

As many will remember, Davido’s cousin celebrated his birthday on April 27, 2023, and in honor of the occasion, Davido went on a shopping spree to mark the momentous occasion.

The husband to one took to his Instagram story where he posted the bill for his followers to see. He wrote: ’35k on birthday! I love you @Tungee’

See below…

Davido’s recent actions have received criticism from his fans and netizens, with many expressing their disapproval. A common sentiment is that his show of wealth was unnecessary, and that he could have celebrated his cousin’s birthday more discreetly without broadcasting it to the world.

Additionally, some have pointed out that there are individuals living in poverty who are in greater need of assistance.

Amyshine wrote: Unnecessary show off!

Fola.finest wrote: When you are from a country, where 70% people are poor and cant afford 3sq meal comfortably… This show off is very UNNECESSARY! Cant be AKON lailai.

Chyomss wrote: These unnecessary show offs will just put you in trouble again . I thought you’ve learnt your lessons ? Try and keep some things private !! Big man don’t cal they move in silence !! Try get some sense bro !!

Fortunelee wrote: Yet Plenty people are Suffering Around him why not channel half to help others.

Shoeaddicctt wrote: This is what social media missed about Davido….his showing off.

Martansarkinkano wrote: I thought he’s learnt some lessons when he deleted all his social media posts! This show off is unnecessary! When you’re big everyone knows you’re big! You can still do things to people without telling the whole world! Maturity no be for age sha!

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