”This makeup artist deserves an award” – Reaction as makeup artist makes bride look younger than her age

A Ghanaian makeup artist and a bride went viral on Instagram after a video showing the client’s transformation sparked reactions.

The skilled makeup artist displayed the bride’s face with no makeup and also showed her with makeup, powder, and eyeshadow applied for a different appearance.

Many have questioned whether the person in the before-and-after photos is the same person due to the total transformation.

Netizens express shock as makeup artist makes bride look younger than her age

Watch the video of the bride below…

Some social media users have reacted to the shocking transformation. Read some comments below..

@mzcherry_dreyy stated: “Did the mom switch with the daughter? I’m confused.”

@Braidsbyshitem stated: “It’s not same person, it’s mother and daughter, check the nails.”

@moyosola3l stated: “Mehn! This makeup artist deserves an award. Her level of confidence rose to 100%.”

@Ecieannan stated: “Did anyone realize the difference on her chest as well? Makeup artist no go go heaven o.”

@Odunolar stated: “This is amazing. The lady was acting like a conditioned person at first. Hence the confusion on if she’s still the same. This transformation is out of this world.”

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