This Lady Put Onions In Her Socks and Ear Before Going To Sleeping Every Night And This Happens


Personally, I don’t like onions but I know that most people do. Still, they make you cry when you cut them, so I think that’s a valid sign that they should stay away from my hamburgers. But apparently we can do more with onions than just eat them.

We can use them to clean our barbecue grills, and used to help hear our bodies. Wait, what? Yep… in Chinese medicine, onions slices are placed on people’s feet to help purify the body. The rationale is that onions have antibacterial properties, and its phosphoric acid enters into your bloodstream after being absorbed through your feet.
And what if you have an ear ache? You guessed it, send the onions in! Check out this video and let us know if you give it a try.



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