This Isolation has revealed my wife has been buying soup – Man Declare


A man name as Steve has taking to the social media specifically on Twitter to revealed the unethical attitude portrayed by his wife.
The cause of the coronavirus pandemic that has resulted to the lock down and isolation has exposed a lot of strength and weakness in various homes. A man name Steve in his account has witnessed what his wife have being hiding all this while.
Steve narrated below;

My name is Steve and I am a happily married man. I met my wife in 2015 and we dated for about a year before we got married. Today, we have two kids, a boy and a girl.

My wife is a teacher and I am a banker. Her profession is really helpful because it gives her time to take care of the kids and cook for us.

Last week we started this isolation due to corona virus outbreak. That was when I discovered something very disturbing. My wife does not cook, she is always buying soup.

At first, I didn’t understand it. She would tell me to give her money to go to the market. Next thing I know; I will just see a pot of soup in the kitchen. No sign of cooking will be in the kitchen.

When I confronted her about it, she first of all denied it and said she cooked when I was sleeping. But the next time, I caught her red-handed coming into the house with a pot of soup.

I am really shocked at this behavior. It is not as if she is too busy to cook as all we do is sit home doing nothing during this isolation period. Why is she buying soup for my children and I to eat?