This is why Davido’s collaboration with Nicky Minaj is no big deal


In Nigeria’s entertainment industry, particularly in the music niche, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido is a big name. In fact, he is a big fish and and the young man has been swimming in Nigeria’s and Africa’s entertainment ocean for some time now.

He is regarded as one of the richest stars on Nigeria’s music scene. He has enjoyed some great deal of success and his fame is growing by the day.

His entrant into the international music scene has also been good. He has enjoyed a relatively average success and his brand has appreciated in the last couple of months.

His last album which dropped and trended before coronavirus took over the trend and could be described as haven enjoyed a relatively good acceptance among Nigerians and his international audience.

A couple of critics and critiques latched on it and the album did quite well.

He recently shot the video of Dolce and Gabbana track on the album and announced that he would donate the proceeds of the video to the coronavirus vaccine efforts. No doubt, this demanded and eventual got some accolades.

Recently, the singer popularly called OBO by fans announced he would be collaborating with a global star, US rap queen, Nicky Minaj on a track.

On his Twitter handle, he tweeted: “OBO x Nicky Minaj”. Many of his fans never saw the collaboration coming. As matter of fact, this writer was surprised.

But then there are concerns that the star is being overzealous about the collaboration.

Up to today, there’s no word yet from Nicky Minaj on the collaboration.

Many industry observers and music enthusiasts had expected the rap queen to show the same level of energy Davido gave to the announcement. As a matter of fact, Davido’s tweet about it got more than 78k likes and about 16k retweets.

The concern here is, the energy is lopsided. The enthusiasm isn’t even. It seems its only the Nigerian star and his fans that are excited about the collaboration.

If the excitement is even, by now Nicky Minaj should have made a post about it either on Instagram or Twitter.

Another side to it is, will her fans welcome it. No doubt, Davido has enjoyed some international success and exposure, but he is not yet the kind of artist most Nicky Minaj’s fans crave to hear. Not yet.

Eventually the recording will take place but will it be in the same studio? Will the duo record together and share some pictures? These are yet to be known.

The greatest concern should be about the video. Will Nicky show up? With this level of energy, are we going to see Nicky’s face in the video or will Davido do it all alone and give his fans some excuses.

Honestly, we don’t want a repeat of Drake’s drama. I’m sure you know the Nigerian artist and track I’m talking about and wouldn’t want me to recast the script here.