‘This is not time to play politics rather a time to support govt of the Day to succeed’, Agbonifo Eghosa tells


Former PDP frontline candidate, Business Mogul and philanthropist, Agbonifo Eghosa has frowned at how certain individuals in Edo state are going about the dreaded covid-19 in terms of providing palliatives for some poor residents to ameliorate their suffering in the state.

These category of individual depends on daily earnings to survive, and their source of lively have been greatly affected by this pandemic and the stay at home, social distancing directives issued by the federal and state government.

Agbonifo used the opportunity to call on such citizens of the state to support the effort of the Edo state government regardless of political affiliation or interest just like we have seen the likes of Dangote, Atiku Abubakar, Pastor Adeboye, Tony Elemelu and host of others.

In his concluding statement he said this is not the time to play politics rather a time to SUPPORT the government of the Day to succeed.After we are done with the covid-19 politicking can continue.