“This is not Banana Island” – Lady stuns many as she shows off multimillion-naira mansion estate in her village

An Igbo lady has stunned many online after sharing a video showcasing a multimillion-naira mansion estate in her village.

The short video clip shared by the lady @ifenkilimmadiche on TikTok showcases a beautiful compound located in a village.

In the brief but captivating video, the Igbo lady takes viewers on a virtual tour of the luxurious compound, emphasizing that it is not located in the city of Lagos but in her hometown.

She clarifies that the luxury residence is situated in her birthplace, dispelling any assumptions that it might be in the Banana Island area of Lagos.

The video gives a peek into the beautiful architecture of the compound, showing detailed structures and lush surroundings.

Netizens were left in awe, with many expressing surprise and curiosity about the existence of such lavish residences in rural area.

Netizens Reactions…
@Princess commented; “Igbo is the richest in this Nigeria. I’m not capping.”

@Ofe Richard remarked; “Igbo to world. Don’t play.”

@komome said; “One small plot of land for Banana Island go 50 of this house.”

@Mychris said; “This year 2024, will be more great for igbos and more development.”

@bensononyebuchi said; “They never see anything. My own will be ready before December 2024. so I’m open to any #igbovillagemansion challenge this coming December.”

@Zoe_ Efr said; “But my awe be say banana island na still some Lagosians village.”

@AsaAhanna said; “This mansion look like 3 brothers building. I love this forever igbo babe.”

@Chisom Okorie said; “I don’t even know how to start expressing the love I have for my Igbo Brothers and my Igbo sisters Igbos one love.”

@Akanji13 said; “All this no buy one plot of land in Banana Island.”

See below;


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