“This is not a war with men” –Genevieve Nnaji lambasted by followers


Reacting to the recent killings of Tina Ezekwe who was allegedly killed by the police and Vera Omozuwa who was raped and physically assaulted while studying in a church.

Nollywood star, Genevieve Nnaji revealed that women in Nigeria live in constant fear of men. She stated in a tweet that men abuse their power and have the power to abuse.

Without doubt Genevieve ruffled more than a few feathers especially with the phrase “we live in constant fear of men”. While some of her followers agreed with her others were of the opinion that the Lionheart star shouldn’t have generalized her opinion.

A twitter user @SpiritNerd pointed out that the unfortunate events do not necessarily mean a war against men. He said in a tweet:

This isn’t a war with men The individuals responsible needs to be dealt with thoroughly It’s an animalistic behaviour that should be condemned and the perpetrators brought to book Nevertheless don’t turn this to a gender war. A lot of men also suffer in the hands of women.