“This is disgusting” – Video trends as lady shows how palm oil is being made (Watch)

A disgusting video of a lady showing how palm oil is being made for the consumption of all and sundry has surfaced online and by extension it has generated several reactions online.

The traumatizing video shows how a middle-aged lady was seen dancing so hard inside the palm oil well while the preparation was going one.

In the clip, the workers inside the well were seen trying to separate the heavy residue from the filtrate which is the actual palm oil so that it can available for sale.

However, a lady who is among those preparing the palm oil shows why cholera and other diseases are spreading in Nigeria.

The video captured a lady wearing a short skirt with all her legs dipped inside the palm oil and dancing inside the palm oil well while others were working.

The lady wearing a short skirt was seen exposing her laps inside the palm oil and using her legs to display several gestures during the palm oil preparation.

See reactions and the video below;

adeniyijohnson: Why I dey imagine say pad go drop inside 😂😂.

lady_erica.chuchu: Please wash your oil b4 using.

edutex_poundz: What if she dey see her period😂😂😂😂😂.

mr_jayjey: We made this in the village then. Yes it might be disgusting to watch but its safe and free from germs and bacteria as the oil is later cooked with a high temperature to get the final product which in turn destroys every yama yama it might have carried.

edutex_poundz: Thats why i dey always wash my oil with soap and water before consumption, wetin i dey talk sef, we gather dey chop yamayama!!!

official_awilo_parapar: Abeg my soup still Dey fire na this video wey I see never make me put red oil oooo 😂😂😂😂.

cryptominercorp: Just imagine say she dey on her period, small blood 🩸 fit drop enter, no panic, all Na OIL 😂😂😂😂.

fresh.mai: No wonder red oil come dey taste somehow like Fanta this days.

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