This Hot Atlanta-based Crossdresser will Confuse you


Sometime ago, I reported on the emergence of cross dressing and how vast this form of expression has gone, and how it has been spurned and at the same time appreciated through the existence of social media and awareness and the inquisitive nature of this generation.

These days, a lot of people are questioning normalcy. We get to see people 3 times aware and sensitive of so many things around them as they were— things that normally existed without questioning— therefore, they experiment various artistic, expressive means. They dare the old institutions. They ask. Speak. Gather together to fight against that which doesn’t fit well.

I will be sharing you amazing pictures of this America-based crossdresser who goes by the handle @poeticdrugs on Instagram. I assure you, you would be as stunned, as I was, with the pictures I will be sharing with you below.

A lot of Nigerians are familiar with Bobrisky. But, then, Bobrisk declared she is a woman. Crossdressers are people who still identify with their genders, but dress and express themselves otherwise. But, then, comparing Bobrisky to Poeticdrugs, taking both as crossdressers, it would be safe to say Poeticdrugs is hotter. Pictures: