‘This girl is local, why throwing money for them on the floor like beggars’ – Actress Ruby Ojiakor under fire for making kids chase her for money

Ruby Ojiakor, a prominent Nollywood actress, is facing criticism for her approach to gifting money to children on the streets.

Ruby Ojiakor posted a video on Instagram showing her act of kindness by throwing money on the street while children scrambled to pick it up.

Fans have responded to the video, suggesting that Ruby should have distributed the money to the children in a more organized and respectful manner, instead of throwing it haphazardly.

Some have even labeled her actions as reminiscent of a “village girl mentality.”

One officiamemmanuelson wrote: This is not a good way to show your generosity…you could have gathered them together and give them whatever you want to give them… not throwing money for them on the floor like beggars.

Ighobaby wrote: Rather than throwing those money on the floor for the children to be running after you like puppies, why not share it amongst them. Can you do like wise to your child! My opinion tho…..show stopper my foot!

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