This funny throwback photo of actress Omoni Oboli will make you laugh so loud (photo)


When you see our Nigerian celebrities today especially the female counterparts, you will wonder if they were all born the way they are looking right now because of the makeups.

Omoni Oboli

The human hairs they use, the kind of body cosmetics which they use in making themselves beautiful.

Also, the camera light which is usually shone on their faces while on a movie set also make them look extremely beautiful.

But today we are going to see a throwback photo of our beautiful actress Omoni Oboli. We all have that one throwback photo which makes us laugh so hard whenever we see it. The picture below shows the throwback photo of actress omoni oboli. The mode of dressing, her handbag and shoes got me laughing so loud:

Actress Omoni Oboli who is married to Mr Nnamdi Oboli and a mother of three great children namely Gozi Oboli, Chizi Oboli and Tobe Oboli has featured in different good films like moms at war, the duplex, render to Caesar, lunch time heroes, the wedding party, entanglement, being Mrs Elliot, the first lady, as crazy as it is and numerous others. She is a very hardworking and amazing actress.

See present picture of the beautiful actress below: