This Couple has the Longest Nails in the Whole Of Human History


Leo and Samantha Hawkins are residents of Birhingham City England. The are both Spanish Citizens who relocated to the United Kindgdom to seek for greener pastures after years of unfruifulness in their Country.

Samantha Hawkins is a Manicurist, she met Leonard Caprico 30 years ago at a Nails workshop. At that time he was a lecturer at a certain University. They fell in love and they’ve been happily Married since then, touring around the world and having Fun.

“I Was going through a Magazine 23 years ago and I saw an article about the woman with the longest nails in the world and I thought to myself ‘Oh wow, I can grow longer nails than this!’

Ever since then I stopped cutting my nails.

The dream was to become the woman with the Longest nails in the world, but My Husband saw me and decided to join in the contest. Turns out his nails grows faster than mine!”

She said this in an interview after being crowned the couple with the Longest nails in the world.

My people, Abeg wetin we nor go see for this life 🤷🏽‍♂️ Husband and Wife Con seat down, think and decide to build a professional Career in Keeping Nails. hmmm(Sigh)