“They said I went too far” – Married woman cuts off friend who took Banga soup to her husband in his office, seeks opinions

A married woman has ended friendship with a friend who is a single mother, for visiting her husband with a pot of Banga soup, a Southern Nigerian palm nut soup.

Seeking advice from the online community, she anonymously shared her story on X page, posted under the handle @Sisi_yemmie.

The married woman narrated how she and her husband visited the friend who served them Banga soup upon their arrival.

According to her, it was their first time of eating the soup and it was very nice, they complimented her and the husband gave her 100k for a job welldone.

Three weeks later, her husband informed her that the friend brought him Banga soup to his office in Lekki.

Filled with anger, she quickly expressed her disappointment to the friend, prompting the married woman to block her on social media.

Her friend shared her own side of the story as she claims she was just passing by his office and dropped the soup.

The wife had helped her get many contracts but because of what she did, she immediately called off the ones she was supposed to get and told the others that she could no longer stand in as a guarantor for her.

A mutual friend of the wife and the single mother thinks she went too far and she is confused if she went overboard with her actions.

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