“They greet too much..Eku” – An Igbo lady cries out over the rate at which Yoruba people greet her in her area, video trends (Watch)

A video is making the rounds on social media where an Igbo lady identified as Chioma cries out as she complains over the rate at which Yoruba people greet her in the area where she stays.

In the TikTok clip that has gone viral online sparking mixed reactions, the Igbo lady accused Yoruba of greeting her too much as she asserts that the Yoruba people greet you because of anything.

Narrating one of her experiences with Yoruba when it comes to their greeting with the use of the word “Eku”, Chioma says she has been indoor for 2 days and by extension she didn’t step out at all.

Upon stepping out after 2 days to get something, a Yoruba woman selling Akara (bean cake) spotted and greeted her by saying “Eku ise ana (welldone for yesterday’s

According to Chioma, she didn’t understand why the woman selling akara would greet her for working yesterday even though they had not seen each other for two days.

In her words; “Yoruba can greet eeh, I haven’t stepped out for like 2 days, and then I went out to buy
something and the woman that is selling akara says, Eku ise ana (welldone for yesterday’s

Did you see me yesterday? did I see you?, did we see we, Ekuse ana for what?.”

Speaking further, Chioma utters that Yoruba people can use the word “Eku” to wound someone meaning they can greet you as a person while seated, eating, standing up, while traveling even when going anywhere.

She continues; “Why do you want to EKU all of us? welldone for yesterday’s work “greetings as you seated, welldone for eating, welldoen for standing up, well for travelling., well done everything.”

Chioma however concluded the video by saying “Eku byeee’”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

rebeccacckeb: I grew up in Ibadan and then served in Enugu. They complained that I greet too much😩. I’m Igbo but the Yoruba greeting culture runs through my veins 😂.

tutu_adee: It’s the way she’s mixed Yoruba and Igbo for me…. e ku se oro gini 😂😂😂.

knedved007: 😂😂😂In Yoruba, Ànón isn’t only yesterday, they use it for anytime in the past, it can even be used when referring to last year, especially when you haven’t seen the other person since the event or action happened.

datare_oki: I rolled!!! Whaaat? This is so funny 😂.

psycheinspire: She is hilarious 😂😂😂😂 Eku Byeeeeee😂😂.

queenmaynation: See how everyone is laughing in the comment section. Go to her Facebook and read the comments under this particular post. Na insult full am . Facebook people are still living in 19BC.

yogurtby_mcqueenellanutrition: God bless the yorubas…we’re so respectful❤. May God bless you reading this comment 🙏.

ugovera32: But Yoruba no dey joke with greetings… I love it for them.

deluxeaccessoriesng: Lol.. even me that is Yoruba I get tired… e ma ki mi pa e dakun😂😂😂😂😂.

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