They are so happy dad is home- Yul Edochie finally gets time to bond with his kids


One thing can be guaranteed after Covid-19 becomes a thing of the past and it is fact that family ties would be broken, marriages would be crashed, parents and children would be left at loggerheads at each other.


Most people do not know how to be in the same space as their family. Wives would get to know their husbands better, husbands would finally come to terms with the wives they married and the children would suffocate having their parents in their business.

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Most countries are on lockdown and we are all aware that it is for our own general good but we cannot dispute the fact that it is becoming increasingly grueling.

From where we are sitting Nollywood actor and politician Yul Edochie is having the most fun. He certainly won’t find himself on the wrong side of the lockdown at all.

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Yul shares a picture of himself and his four kids as they enjoy the lockdown bonding with each other.

He says the kids are happy because daddy is home—looking at the nature of his work, we know family time can be rare.