“I wish I could get all my money back” – Aged man heartbroken as he finds out none of his children belongs to him after 51 years (Video)

A heartbroken father pours out his heart as he narrates the circumstances that uncovered that his children do not belong to him after 51 years of marriage.

A video making the rounds on social media captured an American man expressing the pain of being a victim of paternity fraud.

Heartbroken father finds out none of his children belongs to him after 51 years
According to the judge, his brother had a kidney-related issue and his two sons took a test to confirm if theirs would match.

Unfortunately, the result of the test came with a shocking paternity error, stating that none of the two boys were biologically related to him.

Sharing his life experience, he urged youths to take paternity tests seriously while speaking on plans to divorce his wife.

The American also wished he could identify the parents of the sons he raised he was married because of for 51 years, so he may file for a refund of every dime spent on the two boys, aged 42 and 40.

In his words partly, “I have been married for 51 years, got two sons; 42 and 40 and I’m still supporting them. They did a test to find out if they got a kidney good enough for my brother and found out something interesting, they ain’t my kids; they’re somebody else’s.”

Watch the video below …


After 51 years of marriage this judge learns his children arent his!!!

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