These photos of Nicki Minaj and Future have tongues wagging


Nicki Minaj is now dating Future,MTO reports. The gossip site wrote

This is not rumor or speculation — it’s 100% FACTS!!

We spoke with one of Nicki’s female friends, and she CONFIRMED that Nicki and Future are seeing each other. The insider explained, “Nicki is a BOSS so she can’t date any old n***a. Her and Future have been kicking it for months.”

The insider told MTO News that there was always some attraction between the two, but it really heated up – when the two began recording together a few weeks ago, The tipster added, “Future is all over Nicki’s new album. You’ll see when it comes out.”

And the couple seems to be pretty PUBLIC about their new budding relationship. They were spotted BOO’D up at Liv last Sunday in Miami.


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