These photos of Kylie Jenner’s lips proves she needs to stop with her lip injection


After admitting to using lip fillers back in 2015, it seems Kylie needs to stop with whatever she is doing on her lips.

The new mom has many talking over new photos of her lips that have emerged online as it makes her entire face look like it may be falling apart.

Twitter of course took time to drag her and the comments are not pretty.

@ashleexxmarino I’m not going to lie I’m tired of people ragging on @KylieJenner in media, “lips look bigger than ever”. Bitch duh she probably just got them done and swelling is normal.

@jordie7198You can’t be mad at @KylieJenner for getting her lips done after what she was told as a teenager by a boy tho. There is nothing more shit than being told your insecurities by a crush…


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