There’s no day I don’t get dragged, I’m saying this because it hurts me- Mercy


Mercy Eke makes shocking revelation during the reunion show on how she feels on a daily whenever she’s being dragged.

She said There’s no day they don’t drag me. I’m saying this because it hurt me.

After she won the competition, she has been in the news for different reason and like she said you can hardly go in two days her name wouldn’t appear.

Mercy couldn’t just hold her feeling a to herself about how she feels about people dragging her on social media, she might have suffered some low moment during the times she’s being dragged.

So with her statement she get hurt on a daily basis, that what it’s means. If you get hurt every time you get dragged and then you get dragged almost every day this connotes you get hurt on a daily basis.

Mercy is one of the housemates who get dragged for almost anything. Even if she does it right she will be dragged she didn’t do it right she will still be dragged.