“There is nothing like court in this country” – Davido blasts federal government


It’s not a new thing in Nigeria again when citizens talk about the bad governance in the country but there always seem to be a sign of believe when it comes from celebrities.

That brings us to Davido as he exposed some deep secret unknown to the mass this evening around 10:15pm April 8, 2020.

He talked on so many things though they’re short but I was able to place a finger on them.

Below are the screenshots;

Do you remember Mr Deji Adeleke who ran for Osun governorship post in the last election? Well he’s Davido’s uncle and a lot of questions popped out about him today and Davido made some revelations.

This was when one of his followers said that his uncle lost in court and he replied “There’s nothing like court in this country” what do you think he meant by that?

He also got pissed when somebody emphasized on the fact that he lost the election…this was his reply to him in the screenshot below;

When a fan told Davido to stop blabbing about politics that he knows nothing about it this was his reply “Shut up politics na who ready die and money ”

Do you get he was trying to say?

Then when a guy challenged him to stop making noise in twitter and take up a political job if he was brave enough, this was his reply below in the screenshot

Check the rest of the tweets in the screenshots below