‘There is no perfect man or woman to marry don’t be deceived, work on your partner’ – Pastor Sam Adeyemi schools young men and women on marriage


Pastor Sam Adeyemi is the founder and Senior Pastor of the Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos.

In a recent meeting with his members, he spent time using his personal experiences to give productive and useful advice to the youths in the church.

He revealed that the challenge he sees all the time among young people is that they are looking for their ideal man and ideal woman. The truth is, their ideal man or ideal woman is married. That is why sometimes, some people fall in love with married people. They are not married yet but they fall in love with married people.

“You hear them say, “oh he is such a nice man, he has a good job, he is also kind, he has money, such an ideal man, he is this, he is that,” he said.

He then revealed that most of the time, this guy or lady who looks perfect was not like that before he or she got married. He said that If in your vision, your husband is a CEO, can you recognize him when he is yet a CEO? That is what am talking about. He explained that when he and pastor Nike got married, they were not the way they are now. It has taken investment.

Furthermore, he said that this is why he has issues with guys who are almost turning bachelor heading into an institution. There are lots of people around town who are not getting married because they want to be able to get a mansion, cars, and money. They will tell you, how can you marry a girl when you are not yet settled financially and they have already gotten a job. They are waiting to have an ideal financial situation. “I am telling you, if you are in that situation, you have been deceived,” he advised.

Speaking to the ladies, he said that what they need is not a perfect man in the present.

What they need now is a man who has a vision, who can define exactly where he is going and who he is going to be. That is what defines the kind of wife he should marry.

“Listen! Ladies, if all of your assessment about a man; If what you are looking for is who the person is today, you will soon be deceived. Because the fact that he has a car now, is no guarantee he will have a car in five years,” he said.

In conclusion, he revealed that making a choice for marriage is largely a matter of intuition. Some people, all they think about is the wedding day. In one day, they invest all their thought, energy, and preparation.