“Them sabi biology” – IG influencer Egungun and lady battle it out as they break down human biology, video trends (Watch)

While Instagram influencer Egungun is well known for interviewing slay mamas and big ballers, an educative video of him interviewing an intellectual person has got many people talking online.

In the video making the rounds online, Egungun made it known to all and sundry that he is a graduate of biology and by extension did an interview contrary to the entertaining one he has been doing since he breaks into prominence.

Egungun in the video did an interview with 21-year-old lady from Imo State who did nursing at Abia State University.

During the interview, Egungun asks her if she knows anything about the bones in the body and she responds by saying yes to him.

They managed to battle it out during the interview as they break down human biology to the ground level leaving many in awe state with many referring to the lady as a brilliiant one.

The lady who refers to herself as assistant surgeon and Egungun did not only mention the bones in the body but also touched them showing how good they are when it comes to practical. As Egungun asks her these questions in biology she effortlessly gets most of it.

Some of the bones mentioned include the cranium, mandible, buccal cavity, clavicle, scapula, humerus, radius, sacrum, tailbone, stapes. phalanges, carpals, metacarpals, metatarsals, tarsals, and femur – the longest bone.

Showing his stuff in plant biology as well, Egungun said that the botanical name for the soup Ewedu (jute leaves) is called Corchorus olitorius.

Captioning the video, he wrote; “To be a surgeon no be joke ooo @iam_donlisa 🙌🏽.”

He added; “Omo she is very intelligent and smart , I did science in school but no work , I enter Instagram straight 😂.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

descentoscar5: The only reasonable and intellectual lady Egungun has interviewed. I’m highly impressed.

unorthodox_one_: Wow today you finally interviewed an intellectual person, so refreshing.

just.gemgem: Mummy I’ve seen wife ohh ! She’s a nurse and more ❤️❤️.

__thatmykael3: Egungun with all those sneakers for your room, na slippers you carry put for leg abi 😂.

jimi.dash: Na this kind girl be role model she not perfect but far better than most werey.

splendstar: Egungun to Olodos: turn around and jump 5 times for the camera. Egungun to Smart ones: I have questions for you, are you ready to answer. The difference is clear 😂😂.

ola_khisha: she tried but scapula, sacrum were wrongly identified. Kudos to her but no babe you can’t do a work of an orthopedic surgeon. Imagine an orthopedic surgeon making this little but deadly mistakes you just did in the OR?

unusual_nana: I notice that he did ask her to turn around and jump up. This proves that you can only be treated according to your worth and value. Value attracts respect like sugar attracts ants. Know this and know peace.

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