The world was supposed to end last weekend but we were lucky – Kemi Olunloyo


Popular Nigeria Journalist Dr. Kemi Olunloyo Announced a Very shocking News of the World been Programmed and supposed to end last week but we were Lucky enough to scale through, the Asteroid Which was Supposed to hit the earth has been facing the earth for some time now, it all Started from a Twitter user (UPCOMING FBi) Making a Funny Tweet

[Na until when Kemi Olunloyo Announce say God go end this world so so and so date before I go believe say world wan end. Or else I ain’t believing in nobody. That Woman current pass Angel Gabriel aje.

#EndTime 🚶🏽]

Then Dr. Kemi Olunloyo Replied with this Shocking Announcement that the world was supposed to end Last Weekend..

Her Tweet: ⤵️⤵️

The world was supposed to END last weekend but we were lucky. Observations made by NASA’s CNEOS states that over March 21 and Sunday, March 22, a total of four asteroids will approach Earth.