The Words Of Tacha Coming True As BBN Mercy Seen Enjoying Life With Another Guy


Remember the last episode of the Naija Big Brother Series were Mercy was declared the winner.

During the show, there was always rancor between the then accused saucy Tacha in the house then.

At some point the two ladies had some arguments and they threw some shots at each other. Part of what Tacha said then was that Mercy never loved Ike but that he was only been used by her to get to be the winner which she did. Ended up winning and Ike coming behind.

For awhile they rocked together and we even had speculations that they were getting married after seeing them together in a native attire during an Introduction ceremony.

But now Mercy is seen enjoying all around with another guy. Anew Nigerian Artist, Williexo and God knows where Ike at. Didn’t want to speculate at first, but it looked intimate than what should be called normal relationship.

So is the words of Tacha coming true? Is Mercy still for Ike or have moved on with a Williexo a better guy in quite.

Let’s wait and see the whole story unfold.