The woman I love is Linda Ikeji – man who wears suits and cleans windscreens for a living

Abdullahi Olatoyan

Recently, had a chit-chat with a street hustler in Osogbo, Osun.

The man who cleans windscreens for a living said that he is a Unilorin dropout.

Also, he revealed that he is in love with media mogul Linda Ikeji and he sees her in his dreams always.

A correspondent of recently had a talk with a street hustler who lives and works in Osogbo, Osun state. The man who wears a well-tailored suit yet cleans windscreens of buses for a living went into details about his life and love interest with the interviewer.

Talking about his life, the man named Abdullahi Olatoyan revealed that he is a drop-out student of Unilorin where he was studying mass communication.

According to him, he had to drop out due to financial reasons but he is planning to start another degree in the National Open University of Nigeria when he has the money. He has, however, been cleaning windscreens for almost eight years!

When Abdullahi Olatoyan was asked if he had a girlfriend, he had this to say: “Someone I love most, she is bigger than me. No, I don’t want to talk about her… Her name is Linda Ikeji.”

Abdullahi revealed the reason why he loves the billionaire lady. He said, “we were just friends, but now, there is nothing between us. I just love her most… This is the person I love the most… I used to think about her. Even, I used to see her in my dreams. Just likeness.”

Abdullahi Olatoyan went on to reveal that, at the moment, he does not have a girlfriend because of the nature of his job. He also gave details into why he wears a suit to clean windscreens despite the hot sun and heated traffic.

Even more, Abdullahi who sees himself as a ‘corporate cleaner’ revealed that he once sold pure water and shower caps in Lagos Island. Then, he talked about the challenges of the job and how he has been able to overcome them.