The total amount of money gathered so far by Individuals, Industries and firms to fight COVID-19


The donations from our wealthy men and organisations to support fight against # Covid19 in Nigeria.


1. Aliko Dangote -1Billion.

2. Abdulsamad Rabiu – 1Billion.

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3. Femi Otedola -1Billion.

4. Tony OElumelu -1Billion.

5. Herbert O. Wigwe – 1Billion.

6. Segun Agbaje – 1Billion.

7. Jim Ovia – 1Billion.

8. Access Bank – 1Billion.

9. GT Bank -1Billion.

10. Zenith Banks -1Billion.

11. Atiku Abubakar -50million.

12. UBA. – 2.5 Billion

13. NNPC. – 11 Billion

If these monies are not spent judiciously,if these monies are embezzled by some individuals or group of people at the detriment commoners….

# Thunder go fire the prospective Looters of this monies#.

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