“The suya is plenty” – Lady takes her canceled project papers to Suya seller to get spiced meat in return

Pretty lady shares how she’s surviving the hard economy as she takes her canceled final year project papers to suya seller to exchange them for smoked spiced meat.

The lady took to social media to share updates with individuals on what to do with the canceled papers of their project work.

She revealed via a video that she posted online that she took her canceled project papers to a Suya man.

Since she gave him a sizable amount of paper, the man gave her suya in return.

Reactions have followed …

@XOXO_B🥺💕 said: “Na wetin I do but the woman no give me akara o😂”

@uch wrote: “instead of printing, send soft copy to your supervisor na.”

@mizz_jagger_ commented: “The man buy am?? Or una agree say e go give you suya cause I get too much paper to give out 😅💔🥺”

@Meeday penned: “the real definition of “i can’t loose home and away”😂”

@Ta Yo🧃 penned: “Omo the suya plenty o 😩 that suya wey he give you nah like 1k for my area 😩”

Watch video below …

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