The student and teacher involved in a fight after she was slapped by the student, have both been charged

Due to a confrontation at Rocky Mount High School that was documented on social media, police have filed charges against both a student and a teacher.

The altercation took place on Monday in a classroom, and according to the police, it featured a young pupil and the teacher Xaviera Steele.

In the viral on social media, the teacher and student can be seen bickering in the video over a phone. They start beating one another frequently and eventually start grappling on the floor as a result of that. No reported injuries, according to the police.

A juvenile petition led to charges of simple assault being brought against the youngster and substitute instructor, Xaviera Steele.

After being accused of simple assault, Steele was freed with a signed commitment to appear in court.

Due to her young age, the student who isn’t being named was accused of simple assault.

For over a year now, Steele has worked for the Nash County Public School System.

The incident occurred as legislators in North Carolina were debating a new bill that would impose harsher punishment for assaults on school personnel. HB534 is a piece of legislation that, if passed, would elevate some assaults to felonies for repeat offenders.

Video below….

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