The slogan ‘what God cannot do doesn’t exist’ is nonsense – Patrick Doyle says

The veteran Nollywood actor Patrick Doyle has come under fire for describing a popular slogan used by Christians frequently as nonsense.

The actor who remarried last year, claimed on his Facebook page that people are too stubborn to acknowledge their foolishness.

He stated that even though the mantra “What God cannot do doesn’t exist” has been shown to be absurd, people still vocalize it.

According to Patrick Doyle: “Some people are just too obstinate to admit their folly. Even after that slogan ‘What God cannot do doesn’t exist’ has been proven to be silly, they still continue to chant it”.

This comment did not sit well with some social media users who took to the comment section to drag him.

DebolaYP wrote, “Lol you better go and pray hard. This one wey filmmakers dey fall sick here and there

SiyosGram wrote, “No wonder his wife divorced him

BlessingBenchi defending him wrote, “The brainwashed members will come for you

IgweKampala wrote, “Before you crucify him, there are actually things that God cannot do like lie, disappoint, fail to keep his covenant. You get the point

Chyddo wrote, “My mom would say once people start complaining about religious slogans, that has nothing to do with them, just know that the Kingdom of Darkness is not okay with it.

Bukola Arugba wrote, “Simply put, God can do all things”.

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