The Slave Masters Have Left But They Are Still Running Africa – Duncan-Williams Says Without Irony Whilst Preaching the Slave Masters Religion


Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams in a recent sermon has bemoaned the influence of white people who enslaved Africans centuries after they left.

According to the preacher, even though we can say the slave masters are gone, they are still here running our lives in other ways.

“But you know, the sad thing about Africa is: we’ll bypass our own and go import and bring foreigners. It’s part of the slavery mentality.

The slave masters have left but they are still here; they are using remote control in the name of investments and policies and they are running our lives for us and we have brilliant people in this country and on the continent of Africa but we’ll never use them because they are one of us,” Williams, the founder and leader of Action Chapel International, said in his sermon Sunday.

“We have a crab mentality: we have to bring down one another. If I were even an African-American or a Nigerian pastor, you’d be amazed of the kind of support I would have in this church. But I am a Ghanaian; people know me,” he added.

The irony of it all of course is that Williams is making these complaints whilst serving as an agent of the slave master’s religion himself.

If any institution keeps us tied to the Europeans who treated us like trash for centuries, it is the Christian religion which was brought by missionaries accompanying the slave traders and is now an influence on everything that happens in Ghana.