The Real Meaning Of Timaya’s New Nickname “Papichulo”


I am sure I’m not the only one who have heard

Timaya refer to himself as ‘ Papichulo ‘, and wonder what it means?!

When he was just starting to make name and carving his way into the spotlight, we all knew him as ‘ Plantain Boy ‘ which is the lead single of his third studio album – ‘ De Rebirth ‘.

The 42-year-old dancehall singer who hails from
Port Harcourt , Rivers State, for a while, called himself the ‘ Egberi Papa 1 ‘ — probably the most popular nicknames he has yet.

Now he seems to have a new nickname which sounds so catchy to the extent you will want to know what it means…or don’t you? I’m sure you do!

The word ‘ PAPICHULO’ in Latin-American Spanish slang means an attractive man. While the term originally names a pimp, it has broadened to refer to a ladies’ man.

You must be thinking: “Timaya is so full of himself for calling himself that ” aren’t you? Well, it doesn’t matter because if you agree with that, you’re probably right!

This is not the first time the ” Bum Bum” singer would leave us jaw-dropped — either with his names or his proud comments.

Recall a report I published late last year where Timaya blasted Nigeria artistes because he believes they don’t wear original stuffs ?

In a self-recorded video posted on his Instagram story, the hitmaker — born Inetimi Timaya Odon – expressed his opinion on a published article by Pulse — who included him in their ‘ Top 10 Celebrity Stylish of the Year ‘ list. He said he shouldn’t be compared to other celebrities because they don’t wear original stuffs like he does. His words below:

“Yo blogs, don’t put me on your top 10 celebrity stylist of the year no more, I don’t like it. All these your musicians and celebrities or whichever people you’re comparing me to are all first to tailors, they don’t even know original stuffs. Abeg..,” the singer who was listed number 7 on the list said.

This proves Timaya is always seeing himself as a ‘ perfect man ‘ which explains why he gave himself the new nickname ” Papichulo “.

It should be noted that he released an EP back in 2019 titled ” Chulo Vibes ” which can be otherwise called ” Timaya Vibes .”

According to what the nickname means (as explained in this article), do you think Timaya is a ladies’ man?