“The rate at which married women cheat now, I don’t want to hear anything about married men and cheating anymore” – Sarah Martins rants

Nigerian Actress Sarah Martins, has expressed her sadness over women who happily cheat on their husbands and fight for other people’s partners.

Sarah Martins took to her page to rant as she recounted her encounter.

She observed with concern, the disturbing trend of married women engaging in extramarital affairs without feeling guilty. Additionally, she recounted witnessing a physical altercation between two married women vying for another man’s affection in Port Harcourt.

The actress also called for mothers to pray for their sons as there are very loose women out there posing themselves as wife materials.

Her encounter: I ran into two married women fighting over another woman’s husband today in Port Harcourt. You needed to see the way they were shamelessly disgracing themselves. My gender you can do better! why not divorce the man and enter streets with your full chests, some men are really going through a lot!

She captioned the post: Dear mothers, pray for your sons ooo ashawo no dey street again, them dey house posing as your daughters inlaw 🤕

They re very cheap and easy to knack 🤦🏼‍♀️ With a bottle of Malta Guinness and 1 plate of pepper soup u go knack them vam vam vam….

And na them be keyboard warriors ontop this my decent page…Justice for good men 🤕

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