The Prince of Pop Returns with a Stale Song called Yummy


Justin Bieber, 25 years old, was rightfully crowned the Prince of pop music in America over the previous decade not just because of his ability to drop hit after hit, but because he was a staple in the entertainment industry and followed in the long line of “Justins” destined for teenage stardom. Now, in his mid twenties, he makes a comeback with a slow, bouncy song called Yummy.

Although the track is enjoyable, many of his fans, who have since grown up and gotten jobs, are of the opinion that there is no growth. He sounds the same as he did ten years ago when he first debuted.

The music video, set in a dinning hall, isn’t worthy as well. He can be seen dancing around and eating various foods off the forks of girls who dish it out to him.

However, with his album titled Forever about to drop with a host of hot artist out now such as Travis Scott and Megan Thee Stallion, Justin Bieber might still be holding the crown as America’s Golden boy.