The other sides of me the world is yet to know- JULIET IBRAHIM

Actress, Juliet Ibrahim

With her hour-glass shape, Juliet Ibrahim is a viewers’ delight any day. The charming actress whose divorce from her husband made the headlines not quite long ago would rather not dwell on the failed romance. Juliet, of Lebanese and Liberian descent, speaks on her journey to stardom, alter ego and fashion.

Music, an alter ego

Well, like I have said in numerous interviews before now, music has always been my passion. It is my first love. The truth is that providence brought me to acting. And interestingly, both are playing out easily now because they go hand in hand seeing that they are both under the entertainment classification. The music side of me is projecting itself gradually, but I’ll get there. It may take a while for people to connect or differentiate Juliet the actor from Juliet the singer, but with time and perseverance on my side, my fans will come to terms with it. It’ll be a piece of cake, because I make really great music, though an album is not in the offing for now. As time goes by, we can think of that.

Away from music and movies…

Well, I have a boutique where I sell clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. I also have a foundation. It’s a kidney cancer awareness foundation. Those are just two out of the other things I indulge in aside what I’m well known for.

Nowhere near fulfilment

There’s still a lot of room for improvement and I’m not resting on my laurels. To say I’m fulfilled would mean I have had it all but I’m still pushing higher and aiming for the skies and till the time I can sit back, look at everything I have achieved and every life I have touched with a sigh of contentment, I can’t say I am fulfilled.


Life itself is a challenge. To me, challenges are not things you can tabulate or number. They are necessary hurdles we need to surmount in our daily quest for survival and success. They are inevitable and we all face them all the time and mostly conquer, so I don’t glorify them. So for me to recount it, honestly, one may have to sit for weeks before I’ll be done.

Thought of quitting acting…

Oh no, it has never crossed my mind. But if acting hadn’t worked out, it would have been music all the way.

My childhood…

I grew up travelling from one country to another with my family because my father was a business man in West Africa and each time there was war in any of those countries we lived in, we had to relocate and escape for survival to another country. So growing up wasn’t that much fun for us because we kept losing almost everything we acquired along the line. However, we thank God for our lives every day and how far he has brought me in life today.

Fashion and style…

I am daring and very creative in my fashion sense, but my style is simple and spontaneous. I don’t follow the trend, I just flow with whatever suits me at the moment.

Acting influence

I would say the likes of Vivica Fox, Tyler Perry, Catherine Zeta Jones, Beyonce and locally, Patience Ozokwor is an actress I admire greatly.