The only Reason Davido Favour Cynthia is because she is currently the center of Attention-Irunnia


Davido is a clout chaser. The only reason he wants to help Cynthia Morgan now is because she is currently the center of attention. He likes being at the center of everything.

When she was suffering and she wasn’t the center of attention why didn’t he help her then?

He isn’t helping because he cares, he just wants to be in the news. And that’s why he always publicize it.

Check most of the time Davido dey fake help with his gumbody. It’s always with people in the news but he always disguise it like he cares. Hypocrisy !!!

Look at the way wizkid brought back Duncan Mighty without much noise then boom everyone was all over him.

see comments Of Davido fans who supported him on Twitter against Irunnia:

If it is Davido that suppose be your helper, your destiny have close that is all,

Be wise. No use because of Davido and Cynthia Morgan matter block your helper.