The Many Troubles Of Etinosa Revealed


In recent times, Nigerian actress and comedienne, Etinosa Idemudia has been grabbing more attention for her controversial statements than for her acting career.

Etinosa in a bid to stay relevant has been enmeshed in one form of trouble or the other.

Earlier this year, the boisterous role interpreter was involved in a nude video scandal that cast her in a bad light.

In an interview she recounted what made her go nude on Mc Galaxy’s Instagram live video.

“It (the nude video) was (done) under the influence of alcohol. However, the deed has been done. I just had to keep quiet and move on. I can’t explain to everybody what really happened, after all, not everybody is intelligent enough to assimilate and understand certain things. I just had to keep calm and keep my head up high.

“I also don’t think it might affect my chances of getting married someday.Africa is so freaked about marriage. My dear, if marriage is in one’s destiny it will come.”

Etinosa is like a typical youngster with eyes hungry for adventure and mouth ready to express any thought that comes to her mind with reckless abandon.