The largest fish tank in the world $15 million with 56 kinds of fish


Many of us are full of infinite curiosity about the mysterious undersea world. In order to explore the undersea mystery, some people will visit the aquarium in their spare time, and some people will go to various diving activities to experience the undersea world.

In order to get a close view of the bones of marine animals, many people have bought fish tanks at home, bought various kinds of fish and kept them in the tanks at home.

Today I want to introduce to you a fish tank which is considered as the largest fish tank in the world. The fish tank is eight stories tall, and it costs nearly 15 million dollars to build.

But surprisingly, the huge fish tank was placed in the hotel.

It is located in the Diesenbru Hotel in the German capital. You should know that this hotel is a famous five-star hotel in the region.

The environment is quiet and comfortable, and the geographical location is more superior. No matter where you go, the transportation is more convenient, and it is generally praised by the majority of tourists.

And the reason why this hotel is famous in the world is not because of its exquisite and luxurious decoration, nor its quiet and comfortable environment, but because of the huge fish tank that this hotel has spent a lot of money to build!

Seeing here, you may think that I’m too ignorant. What’s amazing about a fish tank? It won’t be the landmark of a hotel.

However, this fish tank really surprised many people, because the height of this aquarium is amazing, nearly eight floors high. If it is an ordinary eight story building, it may not be too surprising, but a fish tank has reached the height of eight story building, which really makes many people feel incredible.

What’s more surprising is the high cost of the fish tank. According to the relevant personnel of the hotel, it costs a lot of money to build the fish tank.

Considering the construction and subsequent maintenance of the fish tank, it is reported that the fish tank has already spent tens of millions of dollars. It can be seen that this fish tank is really expensive, and the subsequent environmental maintenance is not a small expense.

However, in fact, the fish tank is not only an empty ornament. There are 56 kinds of fish in the tank. Whether it is a common fish in common people’s homes or a very rare tropical fish, you can see it in this tank. It’s a feast for the eyes, which can be called a masterpiece.

Through a layer of glass, I can see all kinds of colorful fish swimming around happily in the aquarium, as if I were in the underwater world, which is very real.

This huge fish tank is located at the gate of the hotel. As soon as you enter the gate of the hotel, you will see a blue underwater world, which is really a visual enjoyment.

I wonder if you are interested in this largest fish tank? If you have time, you may as well go and have a look.