The indecent methods some men used to ravish their dates!


There can be nothing more embarrassing than one of your husband’s friends, and a good family friend, witness your man’s weakness for the bottle. Seki, a usually bubbly mother of two is a social friend I enjoy touching base with from time to time. She’s always struck me as a discontent woman in spite of her happy disposition. In one of our usual chin-wags, she let it slip that her husband was a chronic alcoholic. “Better than a wife-batterer, I tried to console her.

But she quickly reminded me that most violent men were at their worst when they’d too much to drink. She’d confessed that Arthur, her husband, had always loved a tipple in their courting days: “And I was his good companion,” she continued. “We were all young and carefree then. It is just that, as I and all our friends grew older and settled down, Arthur didn’t want to.

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