“The hypocrisy is sickening” – Daniel Regha calls out Nigerians for supporting Wizkid

Social media critic Daniel Regha set his sights on Wizkid’s most recent activity on the X app, and he had a few words for him.

Recall that Kemi Filani had earlier reported that Wizkid traded words with a netizen who didn’t agree with his statement, and let’s just say that Daniel Regha also did not agree with Wizkid.

Daniel Regha calls out Nigerians for supporting Wizkid after he involved a Netizen’s father in his clap back.
In a tweet in which Daniel Regha expressed his displeasure over the situation, he wrote; “Wizkid involving someone’s dad in his clap-back or response is disrespectful; Fans are cheering now but Burna had said the same “That one na ur papa business” he will be labelled rude. The hypocrisy is sickening.”

Daniel Regha was trying to compare Wizkid’s situation with Burnaboy’s because the latter was called out for being rude when he said almost the same thing as Wizkid.

Recall that earlier on, Tontrends had made a report on the reactions of netizens to Wizkid’s statement, and most of them were supportive. This probably irked Daniel Regha, and led him to writing that tweet.

Wizkid is not the first celebrity that has faced the ire of Daniel Regha, as other celebrities have been in the same situation. Davido probably has a lot of stories to tell about Daniel Regha because he was the focus of the critic’s period at some point, and it was due to the fact that he promised to feed orphans across Nigeria. With a one-year delay in his promise, Daniel Regha dragged the living daylights out of Davido.

In the end, Davido fulfilled his promise to feed orphans, and Daniel Regha has blessedly been off his case. However, how long do you think it’ll take before Davido becomes the focus of Daniel Regha’s ire again.

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