The house God built for Dino Melaye vs the house he built for his constituency


Recently, a Nigerian Senator, Dino Melaye shared photos of the interior part of the mansion he claimed God built for him.

In the photo he shared, he thanked God for always staying by him, for health, wealth and the luxury. And to be honest, he’s really blessed considering the size and beauty of the living room he shared.

However, some political critics has shared one of his projects he built for his constituency while he was a serving senator, to compare and contrast. One of them wrote;

“Compare and contrast the house God built for Dino Melaye (as claimed by him) and the one his same God built for his people. Aren’t these people just too blessed and lucky?”

It’s sarcasm as all they meant was everything he has and claim God gave him is all through corrupt and illegal practices.

Well, it’s left for God, you and I to judge.