The guys I dated loved me genuinely but I broke their hearts, for I wanted more – Saskay


After the housemates were done with their tasks for the day and were conversing with each other, Saskay and Yousef were seen together, discussing about their lifestyles and their relationships.

Yousef asked if she’s started bonding yet with anyone in the house which she declined, and then went on to say that she doesn’t know what the public may say afterwards. She added more that whoever she’s dating must be someone she’ll always be proud of because she likes showcasing anyone she’s in a relationship with.

Yousef added that he’s a jealous guy and probably the reason why he’s scared of moving along with someone. Saskay jokingly replied that she’s rather wicked.

She went further to explain that if she’s in a relationship with someone and the person cheats on her, she won’t let that hinder her because she already knows when a relationship is over even before the person breaks up with her.

In her words, “the past 2 relationships I’ve had, none of them cheated on me. Everybody I’ve been with, loved me genuinely but I broke their hearts.”

“It’s not my fault anyways, I wanted more and they weren’t giving it to me.” She concluded.